Primary Source Document Analysis Paper Guidelines
Paper案例 Choose ONE of the 3 primary sources available on-line or Blackboard that you will analyze(marked with an asterisk (**): Valeriano

HIST 180

Fall 2019

Dr. Mu?oz

Choose ONE of the 3 primary sources available on-line or Blackboard that you will analyze (marked with an asterisk (**): Valeriano, “Nican Mopohua,” (10/15) Landers, “Felipe Edimboro Sues for Manumission” (10/31) and “Sor Juana Inez de La Cruz’s Letter to Sor Filotea,” (11/19). Paper案例

First draft is due Tuesday November 26, 2019. Although this draft will not be graded, the instructor will read it closely and provide feedback on how to improve your paper, therefore it is highly recommended that you do the best job you can on it so that the final draft will be as strong as possible. The first draft is NOT optional. You must turn in your first draft (marked by the instructor) with your final draft to receive full credit on the final paper.  If you do not turn in a first draft marked by the instructor with the final paper you will be penalized 15 points.

The Final Draft of this paper is your FINAL EXAM- due Finals Week. FINAL PAPER DUE NO EARLIER AND NO LATER than December 17, 2019 at 11:30am.

USE YOUR RESOURCES! Writing Center at the Center for Academic Achievement: Fisher Hall, 2nd Floor, caa@susqu.edu

**For history papers, citation style is Chicago Manual of Style, which makes use of footnotes.  [Go to top Menu bar in Word > Insert > footnote > insert and it should take you to footnote format at bottom of page] (see examples of citation format below)

**Do not use outside and/or on-line sources as you have plenty to work with already (Lectures, primary and secondary documents, Burkholder and Johnson) – DO NOT use Wikipedia!! Paper案例

FORMAT: Paper案例
Paper must be 4-6 FULL pages in length (not 3 ? or 3 ? or 6 ? pages), 12 pt. Font, Times New Roman, 1” margins throughout, double spaced, stapled, with no more than 4 quotes (each quote no longer than 3 lines). If you are going to use a quote make sure you analyze the quote, do not toss it in merely to take up space. Make sure you cite where you are getting information from (Lecture, date) (Burkholder and Johnson, pg #) etc. Do not use outside and/or on-line sources as you have plenty to work with already- DO NOT use Wikipedia!!

You must historicize the document in order to contextualize it. In addition, take into consideration that you will have been preparing to complete this assignment throughout the semester. In addition, take a look at the primary source document guidelines to get a better idea for how you should be analyzing the document (available on Blackboard). Paper案例

Note: Plagiarism or cheating in any form will not be tolerated and will result in your failure to pass the course.  Sources and ideas not your own must be cited and papers must be your own work.  You can work together and discuss your papers with each other but do not copy each other as that can border academic dishonesty if the papers are too much alike.

See the university policy on academic dishonesty as outlined in the Student Handbook and if you still have questions regarding this issue please see me.

GRADING: Paper案例
Thesis: You need to make sure you have an argument based on the primary source you have chosen.  What does the source reveal about a specific time/issue/society?  Make an argument within the first paragraph and make sure it is clear. (35 points

Body:  The argument needs to be supported by examples and in a primary source analysis paper, the examples should not merely be listed but more importantly those examples must be analyzed: what do they say/reveal/express?  How do they support your argument about the primary source? What conclusions can you draw from the document? Cohesive organization is important, pay attention to paragraph transitions. You can organize in many ways (focusing on social, political, economic—or race, class, gender—or change over time, specific moments), but whichever way you organize, make sure it works for your argument. (80 points) Paper案例

Grammar and Syntax: Pay attention to the organization of your essay. Make sure it flows and that transitions are smooth and make sense. Word choice is important, make sure to use the word that works best to clearly communicate what you are trying to convey. Spelling errors should be non-existent. Do not use phrases than begin with “I believe, I think, I feel, I, we, you, our, us” etc. (35 points)




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