Recycling and waste management basically includes the waste materials that will be marked as recyclable and transferred to the waste facilities, which was designated in the waste disposal containers as the materials for recycling. Recyclable products are converted into primitive forms that may be used to set up different and new products. Not only are the natural resources limited, but the recovery effort can greatly reduce the extra waste, which is not only harmful to earth today, also for generations in the future. Our nature resources on the earth are not so much, then we have to save, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

We may recycle according to your place, not all the material can be recycled. Check by the local recycling center to check the things that you may recycle. We can notice that the recyclable product is from 1 to 7, 1 is highest recyclable, and 7 are lowest renewable. And check your town to ensure that you can get the right container to make sure that your effort is well utilized and move towards recycling center, instead of the landfill, and you try to avoid it.

We must now know why it is so key. But, this work includes not only the existing products recycling, also the purchase of recycled products. Today, as a result of the vigorous promotion of green movement, we will notice that more and more goods are made of materials recycled. To buy goods made from the reused material, only search for recycling symbols and languages on the production package. Each day, the manufacturer is looking for new way to create the recyclable, including ink boxes, cardboard boxes, paper towels, plastic containers, crayons, ink boxes, paint and garden supplies, such as furniture, water pipes, wallpaper and trash cans. Don't forget packing. It is usually too large for internal products or use nonrenewable material. It is a waste and may be minimized when buying decisions. Voting with your wallet, a best way to make impacts, sending information to make these products companies, your wishes, pay more attention to recycling friendly products.

Each day we use various products in our home and workplace to meet our basic need. Most of the products and packages are discarded and thrown in the trash, which are eventually landfill. And we ignore facts that most of the waste may be reused or recycled. If we can minimize the consumption of products, it will also be very responsible for us. Therefore, the three R of sustainable development is reuse, reduce and recycle.

Three Rs’ of Sustainability – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Recycling and waste management involve products, to a certain extent or on the whole, in the production of the same product. In conventional production, and the use of raw materials is directly derived from nature resources. Then for example, the fresh pulp that is cut off from trees is used to make paper first generation. Recycled paper is well used to produce new paper without seriously damaging the final product quality.

It also applies to most of the waste products, such as glass, metal and plastics. Then energy saving as a result of the use of recycled material has also increased the overall savings. Therefore, it is only a choice and attitude to protect and enrich the environment in which we are in. We must consider the facts that demand driven supply and control demand will result in a reduction in the exploitation of natural resources.

Recycling and Waste Management Facts

Research shows:

Over 60% of the garbage is eventually thrown into the trash can and can be recycled.

About 16% of the products are spent on packaging, and if they are not properly handled, the package is completely wasted.

80% of the vehicles may be recycled.

Aluminum cans may be fully recovered also put into use in a short time.

Thousands of glass bottles and bottles are thrown away each day.

Glass may be recycled 100% and reusable.

The glass product that eventually enters the landfill will not break down at all.

It is said that 24 trees have been cut down to make a ton of paper.

In contrast, recycled paper has created 70% pollution

Plastic, usually recyclable, takes about 500 years to break down.

A recycled tin can save enough energy for the TV for 3 hours.

The energy required for recycled paper is 70% less than that of raw materials.

In the same way, when recycle a glass can, it can save energy for 25 minutes to support the PC computer.



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